These three beautiful ladies came to visit for the day a few weeks ago. Shot them outside for a graffiti, grunge look and also got a little time with them at Mayfield Studio. Shot them seperately and as a trio. Again, as the location set, I asked for attitude and to look like a girl rock band. They worked really well together.

More of all three here.

Even more  here.GrimeandGlamour- rae-trish-maria-1355 GrimeandGlamour- rae-trish-maria-1356 GrimeandGlamour- rae-trish-maria-1357GrimeandGlamour- trisha-red-1326 GrimeandGlamour- trisha-red-1335 GrimeandGlamour- trisha-red-1340 GrimeandGlamour- rae-trish-maria-1359 GrimeandGlamour- rae-trish-maria-1361 GrimeandGlamour- rae-trish-maria-1363 GrimeandGlamour- rae-red-1285 GrimeandGlamour- rae-red-1292 GrimeandGlamour- rae-red-1343GrimeandGlamour- rae-trish-maria-1368 GrimeandGlamour- rae-trish-maria-1369 GrimeandGlamour- rae-trish-maria-1370 GrimeandGlamour- maria-red-1297 GrimeandGlamour- maria-red-1299 GrimeandGlamour- maria-red-1347

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