Breaking The Rules

Here we are with the incredible Flic yet again. Made on the same day as this set, we always seem to shoot for ages when we are together, which is why there are so many sets of her in such a short space of time.  I guess this set would be classed as street fashion, or casual portraiture-whichever you prefer.

More Flic hereGrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7570 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7571 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7581 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7583 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7589 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7591 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7595 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7598 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7600 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7604 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7607 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7608 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7610 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7613 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7614 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-7615 grimeandglamour- flicuni-7576 grimeandglamour- flicuni-7585

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