Your’e So Cool

Kitty has been on my ‘must shoot’ list for a pretty long time. I finally managed to get her booked and she didn’t disappoint. We did four different sets so lots more to come after this one. This was very loosely based on the film “True Romance”, hence the title.
GrimeandGlamour- kittypolkadot-0306 GrimeandGlamour- kittypolkadot-0309 GrimeandGlamour- kittypolkadot-0310 GrimeandGlamour- kittypolkadot-0312 GrimeandGlamour- kittypolkadot-0313 GrimeandGlamour- kittypolkadot-0315 GrimeandGlamour- kittypolkadot-0317 GrimeandGlamour- kittypolkadot-0318 GrimeandGlamour- kittypolkadot-0320 GrimeandGlamour- kittypolkadot-0321 GrimeandGlamour- kittypolkadot-0322 GrimeandGlamour- kittypolkadot-0323

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