The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste

Here is the third and final set from Keira, from our day at the quayside. (Set 1 here and set 2 here). I think she has a unique look and is quite stunning. Great figure and great poses. I really hope we get to shoot again soon.
More KeiraLouise here.
GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3618 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3619 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3621 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3623 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3625 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3628 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3629 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3630 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3634 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3637 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3640 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3642 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3653 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3654 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3656 GrimeandGlamour- rachieB-0973 GrimeandGlamour- kiera-0970 GrimeandGlamour- kiera-0971 GrimeandGlamour- kiera-0975 GrimeandGlamour- kiera-0981 GrimeandGlamour- kiera-0983 GrimeandGlamour- kiera-0985 GrimeandGlamour- kiera-0992 GrimeandGlamour- kiera-0998 GrimeandGlamour- kiera-1003 GrimeandGlamour- kiera-1008 GrimeandGlamour- kiera-1013 GrimeandGlamour- kiera-1014 GrimeandGlamour- kiera-1015 GrimeandGlamour- kiera-1016 GrimeandGlamour- kiera-1018

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