Best Sunday Dress

My friend Lee came to visit from Nottingham a few weekends ago. The thing all friends should do when they visit is bring gorgeous girls with them! Got to shoot these three great ladies who were all fantastic and I hope to shoot with them again. Rae, is the blonde. Maria the black haired and Trisha the brunette.
More to come from these three.
GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4845 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4846 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4849 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4850 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4853 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4856 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4859 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4862 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4863 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4866 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4868 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4869 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4874 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4876 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4882 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4884 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4887 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4888 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4889 GrimeandGlamour- triogrime-4890

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