One Of The Boys

Another model I have shot with a lot is Staci. Funny, cute as hell, and just a great model for the sort of stuff I do. She drinks pints and loves football too! Whenever I post a set of her I get so many hits, and people asking me who she is. She also has a great following on twitter and FB. In the two hours we shot this set she got 48 text messages! (Popular or what?)
More Staci here

GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4672 GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4674 GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4678 GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4681 GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4683 GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4686 GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4687 GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4688
GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4667

GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4669

GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4695

GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4696

GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4698

GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4699

GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4700

GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4701

GrimeandGlamour- stacileather-4702

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