Third and final set from a long cold night with Staci (and Mark Jolly) down Newcastle quayside. This is my favorite set from the night, I think. Repeating myself again but Staci is always great to shoot with, because of her attitude and sense of humour. I will be doing a set with her and Fifi Galore very soon–should be well worth waiting for!
More Staci here

GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4752 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4755 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4759 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4765 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4769 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4774 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4776 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4779 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4789 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4791 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4798 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4799 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4801 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4803 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4808 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4809 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4811 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4816 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4818 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4821 GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-4823

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