Turn The Page

I’ve shot with Jessica a couple of times, but not for six months (feels a lot longer). She took time out to have a baby and do all the stuff new mums do. She gave me a shout a while back and asked if I wanted to shoot some art/erotic nudes with her. I’ve course I did!   Well we sorted a date and here is the first set. One of the things I really love about this set is that Jess has quite a big ‘c’ scar and also some ‘tiger stripes’ (as I call them) from being pregnant. We had a chat and I suggested she should be proud of them and they are there for ever as part of her so we should leave them in the images. I was pleased she agreed 🙂GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-6285 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-6284 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-6283 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-1515 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-1517 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-1527 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-1528 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-1530 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-1531 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-1534 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-1538 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-1544 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-1545 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-1546 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-6320 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-6315 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-6314 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-6309 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-jessnude-6297

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