She’s A Knockout

This is the second set from Katie. A beautiful girl and a great model. We got loads of images on this day, and so there are more sets to come. The first set, was street fashion, whereas this one is similar but a little more casual.
grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6476 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6480 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6481 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6484 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6486 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6487 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6488 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6490 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6495 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6497 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6499 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6500 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6505 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6507 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6512 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6514 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6518 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6519 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6522

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