Film Photography

A few years ago I had a pretty short conversation with a photographer friend about film photography. He loved it, and I had never shot anything but digital. I couldn’t understand the appeal or the effort involved in buying film, not knowing what you had shot, and waiting for the film to be developed. Meh-waste of time. I now understand that those things are exactly what makes film photography so much fun!

All the images on this post were made on the Canon AE-1 film camera.

The first set are of a couple days I had at the beach with Sally to help her promote her new line of t-shirts and surf wear, Voodoo Tuesday Apparel.GRIMEANDGLAMOUR- CANONAE1FILM-00002 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR- CANONAE1FILM-00003 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR- CANONAE1FILM-00004GRIMEANDGLAMOUR- CANONAE1FILM-00019 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR- CANONAE1FILM-00020

These are taken the day I was shooting Emily down at the Ousburn near the Cluny. The art work is from the side of the Ship in. There is also an ‘accidental’ double exposure with the wall and Emily. The other two images are of Emily and my son Konnor. They are best buds. GRIMEANDGLAMOUR- CANONAE1FILM-00005 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR- CANONAE1FILM-00006 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR- CANONAE1FILM-00007 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR- CANONAE1FILM-00008

Finally here with are Emily again. She has become a real “go to” model for me. She is beautiful and has a great look. Slim but very curvy and an excellent model, who is improving all the time. I will be shooting with Emily for as long as I shoot. (I hope!)

More of my work can be seen at the following links.
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