In 2014 Brodie and Alice became my “go to” models for loads of shoots and ideas I had. At the end of the year I finally got to shoot them together. This was a huge amount of fun. This is just the first set. We made a lot of images that day! šŸ™‚
More Alice here
More Brodie here
GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8154 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8155 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8157 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8158 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8161 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8163 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8164 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8167 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8169 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8170 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8172 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8173 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8128 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8133 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8135 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8136 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8137 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8140 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8149 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8107 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8112 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8114 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8119 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8121 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8124 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8125 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldjan2015-8126

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