Black And White Town

I have know Elle for a long time and we have always talked about shooting. She is best known in the north east as Elle O’Bouys, a burlesque performer and cheesecake, pin up model. I love that stuff but its not a style I shoot, so I always said I will shoot you when we come up with something different. She eventually said I just want you to do what you do. IE. some dark grungy nudes and some casual, glamour, fashion, grunge stuff. OK, I can do that!
Nudes to follow at a later date.
GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7926

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7929

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7932

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7933

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7941

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7944

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7945

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7955

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7957

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7962

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7963

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7965

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7969

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7972

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7976

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7980

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7982

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-7985

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOMEbw-7987

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-3684

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-3699
GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-3696

GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-3685
GrimeandGlamour- ELLOHOME-3691

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