Down In The Dirt

2014, was very much ‘the year of Alice’! We created so many sets together and this was the last one of the year. I hope 2015 carries on the same way. I will be making a book out of the road trip shoots we did summer 2014. Look out for that.
Lots more Alice here.
GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6367 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6371 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6380 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6382 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6386 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6388 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6389 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6392 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6393 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6399 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6403 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6404 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6407 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6408 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6409 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6410 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6411 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6413 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6414 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6415 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6416 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6417 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6418 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6419 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6421 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6425 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6433 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6434 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEBYKER-6435

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