Pull Up To The Bumper

Came to know Carmen through another model, and I was grateful for the chance to shoot with her. She has a great imagination for shoot ideas and was very keen to do an erotica style shoot. This is the first set from her with more to come.

GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1499 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1509 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1513 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1515 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1518 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1519 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1521 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1529 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1530 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1532 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1538 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1546 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1547 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1548 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1554 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1555 GrimeandGlamour- charlieerotica-1558

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