Hey Hey What Can I Do

I’ve know Zoe for a little while and did a quick shoot with her a few months ago. We finally decided to get around to doing a proper shoot–taken way too long to get sorted. Another really cold day, but got a great set. Another set of images to come from the same day.
GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-6844 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-6845 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-6852 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-6861 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-6862 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-6868 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-6881 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-6885 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-6894 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-6899 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-6900 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-6902 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-6906 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-6907 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-6998 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-7003 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-7005 GrimeandGlamour- zoestation-7009

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