2014 Review and Top 10

Here we are again at the end of another year. 2014 was a strange one for me. I took three breaks and at one point thought I may pack in altogether. (Although that’s nothing new – I think that at least 4 times a year!)
One thing very different this year was the amount of shoots I have done. In 2013 I did 92 shoots with 83 models. This year I did 60 shoots with (I think) 54 models. I’m hoping 2015 will be a higher number, especially now that I finally feel I have a direction to take my model photography.
I have searched for a ‘style’ or ‘look’ that says “Chris Harrison/Grime and Glamour” since I started this, and while not everyone thinks that’s a good idea, it’s what I have always aimed for. I feel I found that this year, mostly down to the way I process, but also using Fujifilm X cameras with prime lenses has helped and mostly shooting with on cameras flash(which I started doing last year and have continued to this year) A lot of people hate it, and I understand why, but I love it and will continue to shoot that way(with the odd Strobist style shoot thrown in :))

Below are my personal top ten favourites from 2014. It was almost an impossible task to find ten (I was originally only going do five!) I have missed out many images. Alice and Brodie could have their own top ten the amount of times I have shot with them this year!

1.The amazing Frankii Wilde helped me produce one of my favourite ever images, and certainly my number one for this year. All based around the Lana Del Ray video for her song ‘Tropico’.

1GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2563

2.Emily makes me laugh as she constantly moans about having her picture taken, and continues to complain that she is not a model and doesnt want to keep doing it. I think she complains a little too much, and this image is again an all time favourite and worthy of number two this year.

2GrimeandGlamour- EMILYLANES-7220


3.Ahh, Annabelle. This girl has so much potential as a model its ridiculous, and we just started to build up a really great ‘photog/model’ relationship and she buggered off to London. I’m hoping I do get to shoot with her when she comes home at xmas. I love this shot, from the pose and the lighting to the location.
3GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-8978


4.I have shot with Alice, countless times this year, and most of the images haven’t even been seen. We did a ‘road trip’ series in the summer based around beauty spots in Northumberland. They will be seen next year when I get another blurb book made. Again I love the unusual pose and location works really well too.


4GrimeandGlamour- ALICERT2-4205

5.Now this was so much fun, and this shot a happy accident. Technically its all over the place. The angle, my finger covering the bottom of the screen, and the crop is terrible! I don’t care, as I adore this shot. The shoot idea was based on the film “Spring Breakers”, which, while being an awful film, has great imagery. We all drove up to Anwick and created some great images.

5GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2951-2


6.Second one from Annabelle. I was trying to stick to ten different models but decided to stick with the images no matter who was in them. I just love the look on her face and the shadows on this one. Natural light can be so gorgeous.

6GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9533

7.Another one of Frankii. She is best known as a pin up model but I have always said she is way more versatile than that, so I always told her if we ever shoot then it wont be pin up. I adore her attitude and look on this image. She nailed what I was after, completely. Rock’n’roll!

7GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0613

8.Keira and I took forever to finally get a shoot done and when we did I wasnt dissapointed. Completely beautiful and a great model. We had a perfect warm, sunny day and shot next to the Tyne pub despite the huge amount of people enjoying the sun, and beer. Hope to shoot with her again in 2015.

8GrimeandGlamour- kiera-1016

9.It’s obvious Helen is stunningly beautiful, and this was her first shoot, but she did really well. The thing I love about this image is that it is made by shooting through a very small gap in a wooden gate. Again I love the light.

9GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1583

10.Finally number ten. I could have picked ten shots of Brodie alone! As with Alice we shot together loads late this year and there are still four or five sets to come from the shoots we have created. This one was just really rock’n’roll, and again the attitude from the model wins for me. I love the clothes too.

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5497I’m hoping 2015 will be more of the same but better. More shoots, more new models, more with models I have shot before, and hopefully more improvement on my work. This year was the first time I have liked a lot of my own work but I still know I am nowhere near where I want to be.


My only other wish is that models actually turn up on time for a shoot!


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