Pure Morning

Poppy answered one of my facebook castings and so we ventured out on a really cold night. She was a bit of a hero as it really was freezing but she was happy to wear a sleeveless dress for some shots! Went for the ‘grunge’ look I like but with a portrait, casual edge to it.
GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1791 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1802 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1809 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1821 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1830 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1834 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1839 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1843 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1844 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1858 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1865 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1874 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1878 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1880 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1884 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1905 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1907 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1917 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1929 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1932 GrimeandGlamour- POPPYQUAY-1937

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