She Just Wants To Be

The same day I shot Alice with her skates, we also went to the kids playground (they had all gone–it was late). I simply love shooting with Alice, and pretty much gave her a free reign to do what she wanted in the play area.
More Alice here
GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4559 GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4561 GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4562 GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4565 GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4566 GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4568 GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4569 GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4571 GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4572 GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4577 GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4578 GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4584 GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4589 GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4591 GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4593 GrimeandGlamour- Alice-SkatePark-4595

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