The Devil Does It Well

I was shooting and doing a little bit of acting for Warren Speeds new on line TV show, Pervos Paradise (soon to be launched). I was lucky enough to get ten minutes one on one shoot with Aurora Lou and she was great. Amazing figure and great fun. She will be appearing on this blog again in the not too distant future I hope 🙂GrimeandGlamour- katytights-5985 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-5986 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-5988 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-5992 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-5993 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-5994 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-5995 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-5996 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-5998 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6001 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6002 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6008 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6010 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6011 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6014 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6017 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6019 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6021 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6025 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6026 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6028 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6029 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6030 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6031 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6035 GrimeandGlamour- katytights-6036

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