Playing My Song

I first spoke to Brodie on line very late in 2013. We talked about shooting and after a few conversations I said I would get back to her. That was January 2014. With various (poor) reasons I never did get back to her until two weeks ago, when I mailed her out of the blue. I apologised for being rubbish and asked if she wanted to shoot? Thankfully she didnt tell me to sod off- and we had a blast! I have already shot her again since this shoot and there will be more to come. Very like Alice she totally gets what I am wanting and brings the results I need/want.
GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5263 GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5264 GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5265 GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5266GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5272

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5275

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5277

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5283

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5285

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5287

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5288
GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5290

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5324

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5323

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5320

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5315

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5314

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5313

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5309

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5307

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5305

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5303

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5302

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5299

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5297

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5295

GrimeandGlamour- BRODIESTREET-5293

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