Brilliant Trees

Talk about versatile! The first set I shot with Kasumi was an urban hip-hop type of look, and on this one we went for a sort of, cute Japanese, thing. I guess Kasumi would know the right name for it?
It is definitely something different for me but really enjoyed it. The rain added to the overall feel as I think the brolly fits in perfectly.
GrimeandGlamour- MAZ-4042 GrimeandGlamour- KasumiPastels-4081 GrimeandGlamour- KasumiPastels-4075 GrimeandGlamour- KasumiPastels-4065 GrimeandGlamour- KasumiPastels-4063 GrimeandGlamour- KasumiPastels-4057 GrimeandGlamour- KasumiPastels-4053 GrimeandGlamour- KasumiPastels-4052 GrimeandGlamour- KasumiPastels-4045 GrimeandGlamour- KasumiPastels-4044 GrimeandGlamour- KasumiPastels-4039 GrimeandGlamour- KasumiPastels-4038 GrimeandGlamour- KasumiPastels-4034 GrimeandGlamour- KasumiPastels-4032 GrimeandGlamour- KasumiPastels-4028 GrimeandGlamour- KasumiPastels-4025

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