Sister Luck

I first shot Alice as part of the Springbreakers shoot. A set she almost wasn’t in as as she didn’t think I would “pick her” when she answered my casting. She turned out to be great and I arranged another shoot with her straight away. We went down to Tynemouth beach and got some wonderful stuff. I love this first set but think this set is even better. Since this shoot she has improved so much and we have worked on a long term project, and you will see a lot more images from myself and Alice.

More Alice here.GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3127 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3130 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3132 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3134 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3135 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3137 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3138 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3140 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3142 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3144 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3145 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3146 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3147 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3148 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3149 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3151 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3153 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3160 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3162 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3163 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3166 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3170 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3171 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3174 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3176 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3182

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