Where Have All The Flowers Gone

I have shot with Sarah a couple of times before, and she is undoubtably a beautiful girl. I wanted to shoot outside again, but she won the argument as we got use of a salon in town. It was certainly warmer. I hope I get to shoot with her again and next time, outside again.

More SarahLouise hereGrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4352 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4357 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4361 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4363 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4374 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4378 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4381 GrimeandGlamour- SARAHLOUISESALON-4382 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4383 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4386 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4388 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4389 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4392 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4400 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4402 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4403 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4404 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4405 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4413 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4414 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4416 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouise-salon-4418

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