Underneath The Big Green Tree

Emily continues to tell me she hates having her picture taken and she doesn’t want to do any modelling. Yet I still manage to get her in front of my camera 🙂
More Emily here
GrimeandGlamour- emilyforest-1210

GrimeandGlamour- emilyforest-1208

GrimeandGlamour- emilyforest-1206

GrimeandGlamour- emilyforest-1200GrimeandGlamour- emilyforest-1173 GrimeandGlamour- emilyforest-1171 GrimeandGlamour- emilyforest-1170 GrimeandGlamour- emilyforest-1169 GrimeandGlamour- emilyforest-1167 GrimeandGlamour- emilyforest-1164 GrimeandGlamour- emilyforest-1158 GrimeandGlamour- emilyforest-1155
GrimeandGlamour- emilyforest-1178
GrimeandGlamour- emilyforest-1151

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