Peaceful Easy Feeling

Part two of the Bandit Brand influenced shoot. (Part one here) Jess and Alice were an absolute treat to shoot with as they both always are. If you’re into the seventies rock style, go and check out Bandit Brands’ web site.
Bandit Brand Blog
More Jess
More Alice
GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3252

GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3253

GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3254GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3269 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3265 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3263 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3262 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3261 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3259 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3257 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3250 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3245 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3243 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3242 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3239 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3235 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3233 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3232 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3231 GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3226

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