Dirty Water

I met Kasumi on line about 5/6 years ago (either facebook,Myspace, or Purestorm) and she came to stay about three years ago, when I first shot with her. She decided she was due another visit, and after shooting high fashion the previous day with another photographer, she showed her versatility by shooting some street fashion with me. We also did some ‘Japanese’ influenced fashion, and that set will follow.
GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3925 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3926 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3927 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3933 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3936 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3940 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3944 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3945 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3947 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3949 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3951 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3954 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3961 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3962 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3964 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3969 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3972 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3979 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3984 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-3995 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-4002 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-4006 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-4011 GrimeandGlamour- kasumi-4017

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