Out Of The Sun

I think this set may be something a little different for me. I think its straight fashion (although its still got the glamour edge I love so much – so maybe not :-)). Jazmyn is a stunning model, and another one who has a great future in front of her. She has only just started and got signed up by Headline Models as soon as they saw her! There are two more sets to come from this day and more shoots lined up with Jaz.
GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3692 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3696 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3699 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3701 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3710 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3713 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3719 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3722 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3727 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3732 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3735 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3736 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3741 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3743 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3745 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3758 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3763 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3772 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3773 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3777 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3779 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3783 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3787 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3789 GrimeandGlamour- jazwhite-3790

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