The Door Into Summer

Keira Louise is yet another model I had spoken to about shooting and just never been able to get our timing right. Finally we got sorted and went down to a favourite spot to shoot. Newcastle quayside is constantly changing and the wall this graffiti is on, probably wont be around much longer. Two more sets to come from Keira.
GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3459 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3463 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3465 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3468 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3471 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3472 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3473 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3474 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3475 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3480 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3482 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3484 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3486 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3488 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3490 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3492 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3495 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3497 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3499 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3502 GrimeandGlamour- rachie-3504

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