Run Through the Jungle

Bandit Brand is an American t-shirt seller that I love, and am heavily inspired by.  I had to do a shoot influenced by the company, and so placed a casting for a shoot. I was pleased that Jess wanted to do it as I always enjoy shooting with her, and Alice, who is a new favourite, was an obvious choice. I wanted a third girl but had to settle for the two. We had a great shoot and got the perfect location There is a second set to come.
Bandit Brand Blog.
More Jess
More Alice.
GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3184GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3183
GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3191GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3193GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3196GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3198GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3203GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3207GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3209GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3210GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3211GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3217GrimeandGlamour- BANDITBRAND-3218

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