Her Strut

At long last the second set from Headline Models, girl, SarahLouise.  Stunning looking and the potential to be an amazing model. I think she could go as far as she wants in this game. I love the first set (here) but I think this set is even better.
More SarahLouise here.
GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0807 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0808 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0811 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0814 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0820-2 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0821 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0823 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0825 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0826 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0828 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0829 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0830 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0834 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0837 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0839 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0840 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0843 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0845-2 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0846 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0848 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0849 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0852 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0856 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0860 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0864 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0867

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