California Girls

Alice replied to a casting I put out for my ‘Spring Breakers‘ shoot, and I was so impressed with her we arranged another shoot very quickly. This is the first of two sets I did with her at Tynemouth. I think she has so much potential, with a great figure, look, and that hair! I am hoping to be shooting a lot with Alice in the near (and far) future. GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3044 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3046 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3048 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3050 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3051 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3053 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3055 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3057 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3058 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3070 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3072 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3073 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3076 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3078 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3086 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3095 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3097 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3099 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3101 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3102 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3107 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3113 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3114 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3115 GrimeandGlamour- ALICEbeach-3117

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