Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

When I watched the film, ‘Spring Breakers’ I have to admit, I thought it was terrible. There was something about it liked but couldn’t put my finger on. I watched it again, and realised I was right the first time-it is terrible! However there was definitely something about it I loved. The look of it and ‘feel’ of it where I think it hit with me, big time, and decided I needed to do a shoot based on it. I saw a Suicide Girls shoot influenced by the film, and was surprised that no else had done anything with it (so far). Anyway I put a casting out and got four great girls, and the perfect guy too. Hope you appreciate the tribute to the film (if you have seen/like it) and hope you like the images even if you havent seen the film.
GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2895 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2897 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2916 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2918 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2921 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2922 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2929 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2930 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2931-2 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2935 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2937 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2941 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2946 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2950 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2952 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2956 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2959 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2962 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2969 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2973 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2976 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2979 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2981 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2986 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2988 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2991 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2992 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2994 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-2998 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-3001-2 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-3003 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-3019 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-3022 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-3023 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-3025 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-3027-2 GrimeandGlamour- springbreakers-3028

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