Black Leather Jacket

SarahLouise is part of brand new North east agency Headline Models. I am going to be shooting for that agency on a regular basis and this was the first shoot. SarahLouise has no experience but huge amounts of potential. Cute and beautiful, she has a real enthusiasm for modelling. Another set to come from this day, and I really hope I get to shoot with her again soon.
GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0763 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0767 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0771
GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0773 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0774 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0775
GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0776 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0780 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0781 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0782 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0784 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0785 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0787 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0788
GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0790
GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0793 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0794 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0795 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-0802 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-2877 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-2879 GrimeandGlamour- sarahlouiseG-2880

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