On The Road Again

The lovely lady I sit next to at work said to me that I should shoot with her friends daughter. I looked at the pics she had on Facebook(the friends daughter, not my work mate) and agreed with her. After a couple of false starts I managed to get a date sorted for a shoot. HannahRachel was an obvious choice for one of mine and Keith Fuscos, “Girls in cars” shoots. Good news is more sets to come from her 🙂
More Girls in cars here.
GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0683 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0684 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0688 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0691 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0692 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0693 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0699 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0700 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0705 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0706 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0708 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0709 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0710 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0711 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0713 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0715 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0716 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0717 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0718 GrimeandGlamour- hannahcarblackandwhite-0719

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