Frankii came to me with an idea for a shoot based on Lana Del Rays video. I thought it was a great idea and once we got the location we needed, we went for it. As everyone knows she is an amazing model, and I am so pleased and proud of the images we created. I cant wait for another opportunity to shoot with Frankii again.
More Frankii here
GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2518

GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2519

GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2509 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2521

GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2524 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2512GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2525GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2527GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2528GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2529GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2534GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2536GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2537GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2539GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2542GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2555GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2561GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2562GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2563GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2571GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2576GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2586GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2587GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2589GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2593GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2595GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2597GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2604GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-2607

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