Dancing In The Street

Here we are with the gorgeous Cara again. These were shot the same day as these two sets. Myself, John Jobling and Cara, went down the quayside on a really cold day but got some great stuff. Doing what I love to do (glamour/fashion), meant that the model was perfect for this kind of stuff.
More Cara here
GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9739 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9741 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9743 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9744 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9746 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9747 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9757 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9759 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9760 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9764 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9768 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9770 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9773 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9775 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9780 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9788 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9791 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9792 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9799 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9800 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9801 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9807 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9809 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9811 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9812 GrimeandGlamour- caragreenjacket-9813

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