Backwoods Beauty Queen

Shooting with Kitty was a fantastic experience. We got chance to cover lots of bases from fashion to some amazing art nude. We also did these grime and glamour style glamour shots. Unfortunately I had a corrupt memory card(first time ever) and lost a lot of those images-among others-so its just a short set .  I have added the “fighting, beauty queen” set too. This was based on an image I had seen in ‘JPEG magazine’ a few years ago and always wanted to do a version of it. Kitty, killed it!
More Kitty here
GrimeandGlamour- kittyjoker-00003 GrimeandGlamour- kittyjoker-00006 GrimeandGlamour- kittyjoker-00007 GrimeandGlamour- kittyjoker-00009 GrimeandGlamour- kittyjoker-00011 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-00013 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-00016 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-00018 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-00020 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-00024 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-0403 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-0406 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-0408 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-0411 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-0413 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-0415 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-0417 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-0418 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-0419 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-0420 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-0431 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-0432 GrimeandGlamour- kittyqueen-0434

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