U Got The Look

As you already know(if you ever read my notes?) I am a massive fan of Annabelle. Still gutted she moved away but the good news I still have two more sets to come from her and will be shooting with her again in the summer when she heads north for a visit. This set was shot the same day as this one. We got lucky with the Pitcher and Piano, and Malmaison being very accomodating with us and allowing us to shoot.
More Annabelle here
GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1370GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1365GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9516 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9517 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9518 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9523 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9577 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9576 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9573 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9570 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9563 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9560 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9555 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9553 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9546 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9542 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9532 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9583 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9582 GrimeandGlamour- annabellemm-9526
GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1496

GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1495

GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1489

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