Constant Craving

Chantelle and Hannah are both pretty well know UK adult prformers. I had shot with Chantelle two or three times before and she told me her and her friend would be in Newcastle for a few days, and did I want to shoot? They didnt want to do anything too strong, as thats all they do most of the time, so we went for a glamour/sexy, girl/girl session with a hint of naughty.
GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahsettee-0448 GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahsettee-0451 GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahsettee-0454 GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahsettee-0464 GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahsettee-0468 GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahsettee-0470 GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahsettee-0477 GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahsettee-0478 GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahsettee-0484 GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahsettee-0489 GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahsettee-0494 GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahsettee-0498 GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahsettee-0505 GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahsettee-0516
GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahbathroom-2229

GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahbathroom-2231

GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahbathroom-2232

GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahbathroom-2240

GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahbathroom-2242

GrimeandGlamour- chantellehannahbathroom-2250

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