Mother Mary

At last! Of all the models I have wanted to shoot with since I saw them, Frankii is the probably the one I have waited the longest to shoot. I have worked with her before but I was ‘modelling’ with her rather than shooting her (when I say modelling, I mean I was in the same pictures as her while she modelled!)  I did two sets with her. This one is a fashion based shoot and Frankii just killed it–I love this set. Frankii is one of the best around and proves it. Another set to come soon.

GrimeandGlamour- FRANKIIWILDEBV-2612 GrimeandGlamour- FRANKIIWILDEBV-2616
GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0546 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0548 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0551 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0554 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0558 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0559 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0560 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0563 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0564 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0567 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0569 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0572 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0573 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0578 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0584 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0586 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0587 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0589 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0595 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0596 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0601 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0603 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0607 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0613 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0616 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0617 GrimeandGlamour- frankiibv-0620

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