Black Hole Sun

This is the second set from Cara (first set here). An absolute star, and I have a few more sets to come from her and I will be shooting with her again soon. Also working on a video….watch this space!
More Cara here.
GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9671 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9672 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9673 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9675 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9676 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9678 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9680 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9681 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9683 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9685 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9686 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9688 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9691 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9692 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9693 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9694 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9695 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9696 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9698 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9700 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9703 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9709 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9711 GrimeandGlamour- cara-leopard-9715

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