Dangerous Beauty

As soon as I met Annabelle and started shooting with her, she moved away!  To say I was gutted would be an understatement. A fantastic model. I still have more sets to come and I am also hoping to shoot with her again in the summer when she heads north for a visit.
More Annabelle here.
GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1382 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1383 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1386 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1387 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1388 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1391 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1392 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1398 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1400 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1401 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1404 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1407 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1408 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1419 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1422 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1429 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1432 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1437 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1439 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1441 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1447 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1449 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1459 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1462 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1463 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1465 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1466 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1471 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1473 GrimeandGlamour- annabellepp2-1476

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