It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City

Kitty is probably one of the most versatile models around. Capable of doing everything from fashion to glamour, to art nude, and more. For this art nude set I asked my good friend and genius make up artist Kristina Foster to create a horror style make up as I wanted to do some art nude with a slightly different edge to it. Kitty was fantastic, and got into some amazing shapes and poses. Had to get one head shot to show Kristinas great make up.
More Kitty here
GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0361 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0364 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0366 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0367 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0371 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0372 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0374 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0375 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0377 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0379 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0380 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0381 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0384 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0387 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0392 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0393 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0394 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0395 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0396 GrimeandGlamour- kittyartnude-0398

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