Wear and Tear

Second shoot with Shelby from her return to modeling. I always like her attitude to a shoot as it always creates a good feeling while ‘working’.  This set was another casual, but fun shoot….got James involved too 🙂 More Shelby here GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9259 GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9260 GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9262 GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9263 GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9265 GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9268 GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9271 GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9272 GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9275 GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9276 GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9281 GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9285 GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9286 GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9288 GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9290 GrimeandGlamour- karenflatblack-9293

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