So What

Second set from Fran and her burgandy tights (first set here) 🙂 I think she totally got the idea of casual and relaxed. It was great fun to shoot. More Fran here GrimeandGlamour- fran2-9439 GrimeandGlamour- fran2-9502 GrimeandGlamour- fran2-9485 GrimeandGlamour- fran2-9483 GrimeandGlamour- fran2-9482 GrimeandGlamour- fran2-9479 GrimeandGlamour- fran2-9473 GrimeandGlamour- fran2-9460 GrimeandGlamour- fran2-9458 GrimeandGlamour- fran2-9455 GrimeandGlamour- fran2-9448 GrimeandGlamour- fran2-9446 GrimeandGlamour- fran2-9442

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