I had seen Caras’ images around facebook from other photographers, and really wanted to shoot with her. We eventually got a shoot sorted. I knew I was going to be working with a great girl with a great personality, however I didn’t expect the firecracker she was! Full of life and attitude, she was awesome to shoot with. More from this day and another shoot already arranged.
GrimeandGlamour- cara-greycardie-9628 GrimeandGlamour- cara-greycardie-9630 GrimeandGlamour- cara-greycardie-9634 GrimeandGlamour- cara-greycardie-9639 GrimeandGlamour- cara-greycardie-9642 GrimeandGlamour- cara-greycardie-9643 GrimeandGlamour- cara-greycardie-9645 GrimeandGlamour- cara-greycardie-9647 GrimeandGlamour- cara-greycardie-9648 GrimeandGlamour- cara-greycardie-9651 GrimeandGlamour- cara-greycardie-9652 GrimeandGlamour- cara-greycardie-9661 GrimeandGlamour- cara-greycardie-9662 GrimeandGlamour- cara-bars-9657GrimeandGlamour- cara-greycardie-9663

2 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot with Cara twice now and eventually hope to do the third shoot we talked about. She is as you say so energetic full of life and brilliantly funny to work with! Chris you have captured Cara so wll in this set & I look forward to your next set with her Kev

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