Losing Days

I met Helen when she came along to a shoot with her friend Annabelle. I obviously noticed how pretty she was and a few days after the shoot I asked if she was interested in posing for me. Good to hear, she said ‘yes.’    This was the result, and I hope we shoot again soon.
GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1517 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1540 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1541-2 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1544-2 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1546 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1549 GrimeandGlamour- helenpark-1553 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1555 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1557 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1567 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1568 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1570 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1573 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1582 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1583 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1593 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1595 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1600 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1607 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1608 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1612 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1618 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1629 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1645 GrimeandGlamour- HelenPark-1651

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