Fox Chase

The second set from the fantastic Annabelle. I know I have many favourite models to work with and she is another. Tall slim, and looks of a fashion model. I think she is versatile enough to do fashion,glamour, and really anything else, in any road she wants to go down. The bad news is she is yet another model that is moving away. The good news is I still have at least four more sets to come and another shoot lined up with her before she goes.

More Annabelle hereGrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-8970 GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-8973 GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-8974 GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-8975 GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-8983 GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-8993 GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-8996 GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-8999 GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-9002 GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-9003 GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-9005 GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-9008 GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-9010 GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-9013 GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-9015 GrimeandGlamour- annabel-bridge-9023

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