When I’m Gone

This set was done the same day as this one, and it went better than we could both have hoped.   She had such a good time on this shoot that she reached the point of “f*** it” and went for it.  It’s yet another set from with a ‘western’/ ‘cowgirl-ish’ feel, but I love cowgirls so that will always happen!  The bad news is, Bex is another model who has moved to London—this is not good 😦
More Bex here.
GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8147 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8130 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8135 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8136 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8142 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8145 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8146 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8141 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8123 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8120 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8122
GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8153

GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8171

GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8168

GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8166

GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8164

GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8163

GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8162

GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8160

GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8157

GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8156

GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8154

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