Black Furs

Sad to say this is the final set I have from the amazing Katie. I hope I will get chance to shoot with her again but I think this girl is going onto bigger and better things. Richly deserved too.  An amazing model with a fantastic look. I wish her all the success in the world.

Lots more Katie here.grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6546 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6548 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6549 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6550 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6552 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6554 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6555 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6556 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6558 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6562 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6563 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6564 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6565 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6568 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6569 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6572 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6573 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6574 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6575 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6576 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6577 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6579 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2257 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2258 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2260

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